GPU Eater

The world's first GPU with AMD Radeon

Powerful Virtual GPU
For Machine Learning.

Starting at $0.0992 per Hour.
Max 80% lower price than AWS.


Low cost GPU Cloud.
Friendly UI and High-performance.

The world's first GPU with AMD. TensorFlow1.10 pre-installed
The world's first GPU with NVIDIA Quadro. Low cost instance for prediction and reasoning.
Persistence container technology enables lightweight operation.
Pay-per-use in seconds rather than hours or months. Fees will be paid by credit card in the next month

Our Clients


Charge every second instead of every hour.

The bill is in seconds, but showing the usage fees for "time" and "month".
In addition, the usage fee includes usage fees for instances, disks, and networks.


Charge every second

  • Pre-set up Machine Learning libraries
  • Pre-configured instances
  • Credit card payment
  • Email support


Charge every month

Pro Customize

Contactn us for more detail

  • Full customization plan including the latest generation of Graphics card.
    Up to 4 identical cards can be loaded.
  • Pre-set up Machine Learning libraries
  • Full customized instances
  • Credit card payment or bank transfer (US $ / JPY)
  • Email and Phone support

( Subscription and On-demand )

Subscription plan On-demand plan
On-demand Instances
Customized Instances
Instances with Storage
Using Original data
Driver upate
Customer Support(E-mail)
Customer Support(Phone)
Credit card payment
Bank transfer (US $ / JPY)
Long-term discount

Max 80% lower price than AWS.
Optimal price-performance

Provider Plan TFlops Cores GPU Mem Architecture Hourly Monthly
p2.xlarge 4.37 2496 12GB NVIDIA Kepler $0.9000/h $648/m
g3.4xlarge 4.82 2048 8GB NVIDIA Maxwell $1.1400/h $820/m
a1.rx580 6.1 2304 8GB AMD RADEON RX $0.3458/h $249/m
a1.vega56 10.5 3584 8GB AMD RADEON VEGA $0.4794/h $345/m
a1.vegafe 13.1 4096 16GB AMD RADEON VEGA $0.6164/h $443/m
p3.2xlarge 14.0 5120 16GB NVIDIA Volta $3.0600/h $2203/m

* AWS bills additional cost for disk volume usage, IOPS and network traffic usage.
* GPU EATER includes such disk volume and IOPS usage fee.


"1-Click launch" and ultimately efficient UI/UX.
Hyper-quick launch and stop.

With High-performance AMD GPUs,
More Machine Learning opportunities.

High performance,
but low price
comparing to others.
Will be installed in the world's fastest supercomputer by Oak Ridge National Laboratory.
Supports common Machine Learning library such as TensorFlow, Keras, PyTorch.

Use case

Machine learning like a Deep Learning, and high performance databases, computational fluid dynamics, video encoding, 3D graphics workstation, 3D rendering, VFX, computational finance, seismic analysis, molecular modeling, genomics, and other server-side GPU compute workloads.